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Smart home
Personal care
Electric tool
Variable frequency control board diagram
Variable frequency control board diagram
Fingerprint cipher intelligent lock
Air energy control board
Intelligent WiFi socket
Steam ironing straightener
Electric hairdresser
Reel hair straightener
Laser cosmetology
Laser cosmetology
Multi-function electric screwdriver board
Electric saw
Electric screwdriver

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     Shenzhen RDE Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 in Shenzhen high tech Industrial Park, which is called "Silicon Valley of China Science and technology". After ten years of rapid development, has become a first-class Rende intelligent control solutions provider Chinese. The company's intelligent controller and household appliances are widely used in household, industrial, medical and other fields, and sell in dozens of countries around the world.

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Keywords: intelligent control, personal care products, PCBA manufacturers, smart home, consumer electronics products research and development, electrical appliances intelligent controller, beauty health products, power energy controller and so on
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